An implementation of the ACME protocol focused on DNS validation challenges with minimal dependencies (Python + OpenSSL).


An AWS Lambda function for requesting and managing Let's Encrypt certificates using AWS S3, KMS, Route53, and SSM Parameter Store.


An AWS Lambda function for providing other AWS Lambda functions with ephemeral access to resources behind EC2 and VPC security groups.

Spotify Notifications

A native macOS menu bar app which triggers notifications through Notification Center on play state changes.

RHoK the Hood

A web app built for Random Hacks of Kindness (Rochester, NY 2013) which overlays US census data on top of a map of the City of Rochester.


A dependency-free Python script which performs availability tests and measures DNS query time, connection time, time to first byte, and time to last byte.


Automatically expose every object in each of your buckets in every region over HTTP sans auth.


Tooling for managing AWS IAM managed policies. Policy and attachment templates, environment diffs, etc.


A web app which provides a UI and API for managing and downloading TLS certificates via Macallan.


An AWS Lambda function which executes commands over SSH and WinRM on remote Unix/Linux/Windows hosts.


One stop shop for re-encoding files spanning categories from data serialization to media.

Location Manager Uplink

An iOS application which streams location data to a self hosted server - lat, long, altitude, speed, direction, etc.


A Python library for writing function args as decorators and performing arg validation based on value, type, etc.


A Dash docset for PowerShell built by scraping Microsoft's documentation site with Python.


Framework for building IRC bots in Python.


A tiny Python library for conveniently executing time-bound code.


Structured logging, context management, and application configuration on steroids for Python

Ludicrous MV

File encoding using SHA512 checksums (ludicrously fast) and decoding using /dev/urandom (ludicrously slow).

Flask Analytics

Extension for the Flask web framework which generates analytics code. Supports various platforms, including Google Analytics, Piwik, Chartbeat, etc.


A system for automated MongoDB deployments and upgrades built on Python and Chef.